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How do I forward my email to an external email address?
Last Updated 2 years ago

To forward your email address to an external email address (Gmail, Yahoo, etc...) you have to first, create an email contact with the email you want messages to be forwarded to in CMN Webmail and then set your inbox to forward all emails to your contact. To do this youwill have to log into your CMN Webmail account.

Once you are logged in you will create a contact:

- Click on the People tab in the upper right corner of the screen

- Click on the New link in the upper left corner of the screen

- In the next screen that appears, click Create New Contact 

- Click Save when you are done filling out the contact information. 

Now that your contact is created you will need to set your inbox to forward all emails to your contact.

- Click the settings icon in the upper right corner of your screen. The settings icon is to the right of your name.

- Click Options

- Click Organize Email

- Under Inbox Rules, click the plus sign to create a new inbox rule and choose "Create a new rule for arriving messages"

- In the next screen that appears, create a name for the New Inbox Rule in the text field under Apply this rule....

- In the *When the message arrives drop down menu, choose [ Apply to all messages ]

-In the Do the following drop down menu, choose Redirect the Message to...

- In the next screen do a search for the contact you've created earlier by entering the name of your contact in the search field and clicking on the magnify glass. 

- When your contact is found, click on it to insert it into the TO section of the screen and click OK. 

- You will be sent back to the New Inbox Rule screen. Click Save. 

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